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Aug 10, 2019
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I need a bit fo help in choosing a new amp/speaker set up. I am currently building a house and want a setup to cover two rooms, not a mad multi room setup but just an amp capable of running two sets of speakers. I will have the setup connected to my turntables/mixer - Technics SL's and pioneer mixer, also a an Ipod/Computer. The only reference for speaker and amps that I have had is a old Yamaha amp I had runninga set of monitor Audio Bronze B2's. This wasn't a bad set up but I changed to my current set up for more punch, mainly because I do a bit of mixing and would listen to house/dance music. I am currently using a set of Yamaha MSP5 active monitors, and really can't fault them in any way, apart from the need for power sockets on the wall. So that's it basically, I would like some recomendations for a budget system, Amp/Speakers (one set) Will probably add a second set later - something like JBL controls. Any info would be great. Don't mind buying second hand, even from someone here or Ebay etc.



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Aug 24, 2007
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I'd get Arcam integrated and power amp with 2 sets of B&W speakers, something like the Arcam A85/P85 biamp to some B&W 601 Series 3, or perhaps even some bigger B&Ws. Get all this second hand on eBay for less than a grand.


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