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Aug 10, 2019
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3rd try, then I give up.. seems impossible to add a new post here?? Or is it just a matter of 'disabling' rich text??

Hi, here's a newbee from Down Under. Interest in hifi recently rekindled (because of Subwoofer rubber ring started dis-integrating - long story for another time:)).

Just made a step (the first?) up (? :)) from HT towards hifi. I just ordered a Parasound A21 stereo amplifier to take off some load from my Denon 3808, driving B&W CDM7se speakers (Denon will keep driving centre and surround).

One question about the forum:

Is it not possible to send PM's (personal messages) to others here? Cannot seem to find such a functionality...


John Duncan

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Hello perthpete, and welcome.

I'm guessing from the problems that you're having that you're either using Internet Explorer (in which case read this) or an iPad, in which case you need to click on 'Disable rich-text'. Blame Microsoft and/or Apple :)

EDIT - no, there's no PM, we took that decision early on for various reasons. I can always furnish you with people's email addresses if need be (and they agree), or you can mail me at john dot duncan dot whf at gmail dot com :)




Thanks for the tip John.

Interestingly I do not have that problem in the regular topics when replying to that ..

Only here .. hold on: that was when actually opening a new thread.. maybe that is the one exception..

Otherwise, now that I am aware, no worries!

Interesting choice to be 'go between' for PM:). Could imagine that could get pretty busy