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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a Philips 37PFL9632D and PS3 on their way to me and I hope to enjoy many years of HD bliss from them both....only problem is - i'm married to a Kiwi and will one day be moving to New Zealand and I would like to know (preferably from an informed Kiwi) if I can expect to be able to use both of these items when we live there. I understand I may have issues receiving sound from analogue TV broadcasts but I hope to have an HD sky box so that is not a problem for me. My main fear is voltage and also Blu-Ray region coding issues.

Please help!!


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Dec 28, 2007
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Can't help you on the voltage I'm afraid as I don't know what they use in NZ. However, the good news is, you'll still be in Region B for Blu-Ray discs so your PS3 will play Blu-Rays you buy out there (see here for region info).

The bad news is, your DVD region code will have changed so you won't be able to play DVDs you buy out there on your UK PS3.

Ridiculous really isn't it!

Juzzie Wuzzie

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NZ voltage = not a problem (you will need to change the plugs)

TV should work fine as both Pal (in 1983 we took a UK tv back to NZ and it worked fine)

PS3 may be an issue - but by the time you move to NZ, it will be obsolete ... then again, probably the tv too. NZ is Region 4 btw.


Voltage should not be a problem.

Unless your DVD player is multiregion (or you can find a way to "select" the region) you won't be able to play region 4 discs. Keep an eye on this site.

You're right about analogue TV. NZ uses a slightly different sound system which means unless your TV has the ability to change sound system (most can change picture system between PAL and NTSC) you will get no sound. Free to view, terrestrial DVB broadcasts are set to start this year, check this site.

One piece of advice; take as many 4 gang sockets as you can fit in your container! It saves a lot of changing plugs, and allows you to keep your fused plugs. Electrical stores here tell you that NZ power has a tendacy to spike which blows your devices. This could be a ploy to sell you extended warrenties, but who can tell...



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