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Aug 18, 2007
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I am hoping to replace my TV in the next few months. At the moment I have a 28" set and watch from about 3m away. I have Freeview and my box can pick up the Freeview HD channels. Would a 32" set be big enough for my viewing position or should I go for something larger. Any recommended sets to look at? Thanks.

Big Chris

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Apr 3, 2008
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Go bigger. A 40" (or a 46") will look great from 3 metres.

I clocked a Samsung D8000 in a shop the other day. It's funny how such a small frame gives the appearance of a smaller screen. The guy said that people are often mistaking the 40" for a 32". Lovely looking TV even when the power's off. :)


Yes...always go bigger (The missus will like it!) :)

I always made the mistake of buying a bit smaller thinking a larger screen would be too big. Then I always felt sorry that I hadn't gone for a bigger screen.

But now I have a 50" Plasma and the size is lovely.

Just one thing...if I where you I wouldn't buy a Panasonic. As per my post 'Panasonics Red Light Of Death' you always want to wonder if your set is going to turn on or not? :mad:

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Kenny Thain (Boozercruiser).


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