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Aug 10, 2019
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hello all...

my current set up as follows...

TV samsung PS42E7HD

AV/RECIEVER pioneer VSX-C100-S

DVD PLAYER pioneer DV-454S


mission m70 sattelites, mc7i/1 centre & ms8 sub

after reading many reviews of the pioneer kuro range over and over ive decided i need to upgrade my tv! the only thing that i cant decide on is... which one do i get?? what is also pushing me towards a new set is the colour on the left hand side of my screen is playing up ie. peoples faces are turning blue! samsung funny enough dont want to know as its outside the 12mth warrenty!! any one else experienced anything like this??

so do i go for the LX508D or the 508XD?? the ony problem is i havent seen the full hd verson on display here! (belfast) and will i really see the diff if the upscaling of the 508xd to 1080p is so good?

the only problem being i have now started the snowball in my head which is telling me to upgrade speakers and amp. i quite like the reviews the onkyo amps are getting and i think i would like to make the move from bookshelf speakers to some nice floorstanders (just to really bug the neighbours,who arent fond of my exhisting set-up) any suggestions??

plus the addition of a ps3 eventually

unfortunately im not made of money but after i decide which tele to get i would prob spend 600-800 on new sound.....any words of wisdom??

cheers, al

Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
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In absolute terms, the Full HD PDP-LX508D is better than the HD-ready PDP-508XD, which is why we made it our Best 46in+ TV in the 2007 Awards. Its image is slightly crisper, slightly more consistent (with even less background noise) and a little more depth.

As for sound, there's Onkyo's Award-winning TX-SR605 (£400), but on a budget of £600-£800 that limits your choices with only £400 left for the speakers, especially if you want floorstanders.

So maybe look at the Onkyo TX-SR505 (£250) instead, partnered with the Q Acoustics excellent 1050i speaker package (£500). Yes, I know the Qs are 'only' bookshelf speakers, but they still sound terrific, and that will keep you within your budget.


cheers andy

ill prob end up going for the full HD tv. cause ill only kick myself a few months down the line if i dont.

can you please explain what you mean by "even less background noise" ? my existing set makes a buzzing noise that changes in pitch as the picture brightness changes is this what you mean? if not do you know if there is any screen noise from the PDP-LX508D?

how much do you think i should spend on speakers to match up with the TX-SR605 which is the unit i have my eye on. i wam willing to pay for quality (unfortunately i cant stretch to the top end)

i would like the floorstanders just for a change but having not had any experience with them what differences should i expect in sound?


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