New system... NAD, Arcam and B&W


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Aug 10, 2019
Well after a lot of deliberating and wating so see how I could better my system (mainly based around the Arcam CD192 CD Player I was lucky enough to find and the NAD sound which I love) I've now got a new system which was collected today [:)]

I had a NAD C355BEE amp, Arcam CD72 and CD192 CD players with B&W 685 speakers on Atacama stands.

I've now gone for:

NAD C165BEE pre-amplifier and the C275BEE power amp, my Arcam CD192 CD player, B&W CM5 speakers in gloss black on Atacama HSM2 stands with atabites, with a B&W PV1 subwoofer (ex demo) all connected with QED Revelation speaker cable & Chord Chameleon Plus interconnects with the Chord Cobra plus subwoofer cable [H]

I REALLY wanted to go for floorstanders if I could but the wife and I found that they were too much of a 'room hogger' in comparison to standmounts on decent stands. I know they take up the same floor space but when you can see daylight though the stands it does make a difference and to be honest, the CM5's look gorgeous in their finish

The floorstanders would have also given me the bass level that I wanted but when the guy's at the shop suggested the sub that they had on offer the whole sound came together superbly. Even the wife loved the deep end grunt that we got when we were listeing to Zero7 and Groove Armada etc...

Just need the speakers and amp to run in nicely now so I'm really looking forward to having it on this week (thank god I work from home) [Y]


I heard the Leema Pulse just before Christmas. It sounded good but for me it wasnt the right sound

I also had a listen to the Arcam FMJ A38 which again sounded great but a little too smooth for my liking.

The closest amp I heard was the Rotel RA1520 which sounded amazing but the NAD just seemed to have the better, overall control and clout I wanted, especially with the music that I listen to!