New speakers



Don't know what happened there. Gremlins I think.

Anyway, a few months ago I wrote into these forums regarding me buying a new pair of speakers. I have now bought the ones that I want. After much deliberation on speakers up to £300 I narrowed it down to 2 models. Boston A26 and Monitor Audio BX2. i found the Boston a bit too smooth and polite for my liking, some people will like this but it wasn't for me. Great looking speaker this boston but thats it. I opted for the BX2. Now what a difference, more open sounding and good treble. I just found the Monitor Audio more satisfying. Straight from the box it sounds good too so after the running in period it should be great. Can't wait. The rest of my system.....................

Marantz PM6003, Marantz CD6003, Chord Carnival Silver Screen speaker cable and Chord Crimson Plus interconnects. Also I am using an old Revolver turntable with Linn Basik Plus arm & Audio Technice cartridge.