New Speakers / general upgrade advise and evaluation of my system HELP!


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am new to the forum my names Alistair i'm 17 and Just thinking about splashing some dosh on an upgrade to my system.

it is An old Made in Japan PIONEER SA-510 33wpc given to me, and a Cambridge Audio CD4 picked up for £10 at a car boot (made the best upgrade of quality of sound to my system, before this i used to play music from itunes through a novation nio 2|4) Pair of Sony SS-L80 80w 3-Way Speakers

I love my music Rock/Heavy Metal/Rap/Drum 'n' Bass/inde I am devoted to it I play Guitar and am on a music corse at collage L.V. 2 diploma

anyway back to the piont I would like to have a nice pair of floorstanders as i love bass but don't wont a sub i did have a pair of B&W DM220s that was my first indever into a good system I was 12 or 13 and saved up for a sound system got a old NAD amp and A pair of DM 220s for £80 at the local record shop that was a great deal I stupidly sold the speakers and the amp stoped working stupidly through it out when i got the pioneer so yea i'm wondering from the point again i was thinking of saving for a pair of these: and was wondering would my old amp be good enough to power them for a while till i can afford a Cambridge Audio Amp thought i would go for CA as i liked the CD player so much.

Please give me your thoughts on this idea I plan to slowly upgrade the intire system the sound at the moment is good but its not quite as tight as i would like it to be and the speakers i have are the worst part of it as they were taken from an 80s 3-CD Block system


Just Remembered i am using "The Chord Commpainy Rumour 2" speaker cable bought is ages ago had to check the writting on the cable and googled i remember it being expensive it was like 3 weeks savings at the time £20-30