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Aug 10, 2019
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My current setup is

Naim xs + Rega R5 + Rega Vulcan

Finally I got approval from my wife to upgrade my speakers :rockout: . At the moment I am listening to mostly rock music, therefore looking for speakers with some punch, quick response that could handle some technical stuff (fast guitar solos and etc). My current setup is great for vocal stuff, but lacks some thrill in rock. Approved budget is around 1600£. I would be grateful if you could share your experience and thoughts with different speakers.

I can demo these speakers:

Focal Chorus 716,726V

B&W CM8, 683

Neat Motive 2

Quad 22/L

Spendor A6

Some Tannoy and Totem

Has anyone tried Naim Xs with these speakers?






Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
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From your list, I think you'll find the Spendor A6's too smooth and laid back for rock. The SCM40's need more grunt that the XS can gather. The Neats will be a lot like your Regas as far as tonality and quality is concerned. I don't think the Quads work that well with Naim, nor B&W, but as always, it's personal preference - you may like the pairings.

The focals are worth trying as they're quite energetic sounding speakers from the ones what I've heard, and seem to suit Naim well too. The XQ40's will work with the XS as they're a fairly easy load, but I think the OB1i's might be pushing the boat out a little too far - saying that, they're streets ahead of the FB1i, and would be my preference any day.

You could also look at the ProAc Response D18's. The ProAc range are one of the most popular choices for Naim equipment based on the demos we do in store.

Some of these speakers, and probably the majority of quality speakers at the top half of your budget will really require something with more current than the XS can provide.


Try Monitor Audio's BX OR RX Range as im using the BX2 speakers having used ATC SM11 speakers and find the bx2 so much more enjoyable so much so that i would happily have paid twice the price so at £225 they are an absolute steal and having very simalar naim amp i think you maybe very suprised at how fantastic they will sound. im guessing your after floor standers so the bx5 or rx6's are worth a demo. hope this helps p.s the more costly speakers are not always the best choice as i found out the expensive way. regards 80s boy


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Jan 10, 2011
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On the Proac front I would certainly try and hear the studio 140's, I agree the D18 is a better speaker but I found the 140's had more punch especially at lower volumes.

I have had mine for a week and they seem to get better every day, they are on trial but can't see myself letting these go back, very smooth and fabulos bass, just listening to some CCR and they are sounding fabulous,

Good Luck


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