New set-up from zero, with £1000ish money!


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Aug 10, 2019
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Dear all, hello! This is my first post!

As the title I have a spair 1000ish quid and I was wondering which is the best set up I can buit with this money. I am pretty much interested in a 2.0 or 2.1 system with turntable and cd player. What I though was

Tannoy Mercury V4<-Marantz PM6004<-Marantz CD6004 and Rega RP1

what do you think?

Thank you!


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You can't really go wrong with that combination and it will give you a cracking set-up for the outlay. There isn't much to touch either the CD6004 or the Rega RP1 at their price points. Regarding the amp, there are several very capable amps at the price of the PM6004 and you might want to audition the Marantz alongside the NAD C326BEE and the Yamaha A-S500 - all three are absolutely superb and one might suit you better than the others. I've owned the NAD and the Yamaha as well as the Marantz PM6003 and I rate all three very highly. You won't know which suits you best unless you listen!

The Mercury V4s are a great buy and if you want floorstanders there is little else for the money though I would also suggest trying the Dali Zensor 5s. Dali match particularly well with NAD and Marantz amps and, like Tannoy, they make very musical speakers.


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