new receiver for monitor audio apex


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm looking for a new receiver for the Monitor audio Apex 5.1> So the question is which one or at least what brand.

Budget 1500 EUR.

Receivers that interest me at the moment are. Ymaha Adventage 2010 or Yamaha 3067. Onkyo 1009. (pioneer lx75 or 83?)

At the moment I'm leaning towards the Onkyo.

wish list.

Auto room calibration (like Multi EQ xt)

possibility to control via android based device (with added iphone or iPad control would be a plus but mainly android is required)

The A40 requires 200W at 8 ohms so amplification neat that number.


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Jun 14, 2008
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Hi bullbear

I went for the Yamaha 3067 to partner my Apex speakers. They are going for very good prices at the moment - anything up half price i.e 750-900 pounds, so well within your budget.

It has Yamaha's room calibration which worked fine for me and controls allow you to adjust db levels to each speaker to adjust manually too. The crossover is already set at 80 Hz so perfect for the Apex without need for adjustment.

You can download the Yamaha AV App (Android or IOS) which is great for streaming music selected from your your phone/tablet etc and controlling inputs, volume, DSP settings, internet stations too. Links to your wifi like a dream - so easy. You need to have an ethernet cable attached to the AV from your wifi hub. You can then activate the 'Enhance' function which expands the streamed music to create a fuller sound to MP3 tracks - also to good effect.

There is loads of power/volume at hand - my room is 8x5m and it's more than plenty powerful enough.

Hope that helps give you something to think about. I love my Yamaha/Apex combo - great for movies and music too! :grin:


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Mar 9, 2010
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Any of the receivers your nation will work with the Apex. The Yamaha are supposed to be great with the Apex. I would advise getting the best receiver you can even if it means last years model as the Apex excel with quality components. XT32 is fantastic.

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
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Unfortunately XT32 won't be available within the OP's budget as it is on the 3009 and 5009 models, although it would be worth the OP seeing if he can stretch to the 3009 as it's one of the best AV receivers around at at the £2k mark at the moment, partly thanks to the XT32.

The A40's won't need 200w, you might find that the Apex have a recommended amplifier rating, which might say up to 200w. In theory, you can use any wattage with them as long as you stick within the limts of the Apex speakers. Very few, if any, AV receivers will kick out a real 200wpc into 8ohms into 5 or 7 channels, so realistically, you're probably be going to using a receiver that will be rated more around the 100wpc mark, regardless of what it's stats say.


Going towards a somewhat older model A/V is possible.

I'm seeing the Pioneer SC-LX83 for about 1500 vs 2100 for the 85

the Onkey TX-NR 3008 for 1250 vs 2200 for the 3009

and the Yamaha 3067 for 1200 the Aventage 3010 is 1800 so at a stretch.... however Yamahas don't support decoders for a few standards a lot of other receivers do. Me being a movie fan would it be a miss?

Denon 4310 for 1500

Some models seem fairly cheap others still rather expensive

From most replies I understand..... these speaker require a receiver with top amplification possibilities more then anything else. So would choosing an older model A/V be the best solution just to get out that little extra 'power'. I'm not the kind of person that will turn up the volume halway or even all the way.