New KEF XQ Range


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Oct 10, 2007
Anyone heard them in action ? What are the out-going speakers like ? I have a pair of Q1's on Atacama stands and I really like them. I'm thinking of getting a set of XQ20's or XQ30's when they come out but I'd like to hear some opinions before I go for an audition. What I like about the Q1's is their polished sound, clean bass and the fact I can put them almost anywhere in the living room. Any opinions ? Gary.


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Jun 28, 2007
I auditoned a pair of XQ5's a couple of years ago but ended up going for the iQ9's which were half the price and I felt offered a much more enjoyible listen over the XQ's which IMHO did not offer the scale that I would expect for a speaker in that price range. I also prefered the look of the iQ range over the XQ range and what were KEF thinking of making them in bright red? I know other options were there but there was a pair in red and they looked gross!


Hi Gary,

Have you been able to listen to the XQ range yet? I live on Guernsey. The local dealer can get the XQ30's for me but I've got no way of listening to them first.

Tried a couple of dealers on the south coast (I'm in the area this weekend). Even they don't have them in stock yet.

Anyone from the What Hifi Team who may have heard these speakers yet?

Thanks, Andrew.


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