New house wired for sound - Needs HI-Fi


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Aug 10, 2019
I just moved into a house that is hard wired with speaker cable to five rooms and needs equipment from scratch. 1. My limiting factor is the size of the speakers for the locations (i.e. Bedroom and Kitchen speakers of 10" or 25cm high). I would like some base, many reviews of small speaker don't hold much hope, any ideas? Each room is fitted with a QED volume control in the wall.

I'm pretty sold on the idea of the Logitech Duet as a wireless music streaming client. 2. Unsure whether to go with NAS storage over a USB potable drive for music storage, it has to be quiet in the living room.

3. Which amps should i consider, not sure where to start? needs to connect Squeezebox, 5 pairs Speakers, 1x TV audio. I have an old Kenwood A-92 amp and stereo components. Should i use this with a speaker switch that takes care of the impedance differences between speakers. QED 5 way speaker switch

Not an expert, would appreciate some help. Cheers Brian


somebody else asked this question or a similar one recently if I remember.

It depends on what you want to do with the music. i.e. have one source feeding a pair of speakers in a given room at a given time or have the music coming out of all of the speakers in all the rooms at the same time. The fittling of local volume controls would suggest the latter intent.

Why not talk to your local HiFi shop - they will probably have a multi-room expert who can advise you how to finish the system to deliver what you want.

As for speakers - well since you mention the kitchen - I assume in some locatons your talking about having the music as background. Why not get the main listening room right and then accept the inevitable compromise in the other rooms. In my experience kitchen speakers have a shortish shelf life anyway.



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