New home cinema setup help!


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Aug 10, 2019
I am looking to install a new home cinema into a room that I am renovating currently so ceilings are down etc and walls are going to be replastered. I have decided that I will be going for a TV and projector, but will add Tv once I have the cash etc. I have not decided on exact components yet but really need some advice on all the cables I might need and which ones need to run from where etc. The problem is if I go into a shop to ask, they obviously go for the hard sell etc and I'm not at that stage yet. Any ideas of where I can get some free independant advice either over the web or locally to Norwich??


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Feb 22, 2009
To answer you in any kind of detail we need to know exactly what equipment you plan to install. Can you detail all of the equipment you plan on puttin gin this room, and what speakers you plan to run in?


Mmmmm - there lies the problem - all very new to this - been getting some ideas from my first 2 issues of WhatHiFi but have been concentrating on the building work etc. I know there is lots of difference in price for differing qualities of cables etc but I'm lost as to the actual type that I need in the first place. For example I will obviously be having an AV receiver and will go for 5.1 but what are the types of cable that I need to run say from the AV receiver to the projector - does this depend on the make/ type/ functions or all they all standard i.e. if I ran a scart lead or an hdmi lead would that be sufficient - plus can you get cables without the connectors on so that i can run the cables through the joists? Cheers


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