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Aug 10, 2019
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I need some advice! Just moved in to a new house and have the opportunity to upgrade/install a new home cinema system.
I have the following:
Sky HD
Denon AVR-1906 receiver
Toshiba SD-370E DVD player

What I need:
37 inch flat screen - considering the Panasonic TH37PX70
Speaker package - here I don't have the option of floor mounts although I can place rears on brackets. I am therefore considering the Audica CS-System 1 (combined centre and right & left speaker + rears + subwoofer).
Interconnects and speaker cables.

Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
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Hi there

No problem at all with the Panasonic TH37PX70 - we gave it 5 stars in our August issue, and it's an excellent set.

Equally, the Audica CS-System 1 is very good if you want to minimise the speaker count, but you could also consider adding a small sub/sat speaker package to the Denon with separate front speakers.

The likes of the KEF KHT1005 speakers (£300) or KHT2005.2 (£600) are available with wall brackets, so you could mount the front and rear speakers on the wall. And if you want really tiny speakers, try the Mission M-cube package (£800).

Re speaker cable and interconnects, I'd go for QED Silver Anniversary XT (£5.50/m) and QED HDMI-P cable (£50) to connect the Toshiba DVD to the TV.


Thanks for the reply.
I don't have the opportunity to mount front speakers on the floor or on the wall. However, I will be able to run speakers in the future in another part of the room (I've already laid the cables under the floor). This will be for the main music output with the Audica system simply for home cinema.
Another question:
How would you set up the system with the Denon as the hub bearing in mind that it doesn't have HDMI compatibility? (I believe the 1907 does - the 1906's replacement)


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