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Jan 8, 2009
Hi everybody! I'm desperate for some help! Recently i sold my Monitor Audio BX5.1 set up. The reason was that it didn't have enough solid bass slam when listening to it in pure music mode on my onkyo 608 av receiver + treble sometimes could get a little "in ur face" as well! So i'm trying to get myself some two new floorstanders for the start and expand it to 5.1 set up at a later day! My budget is around 1500 euro would spend more if there was a deffinate improvement in SQ! From where i'm from i can only demo some Bowers & Wilkins, so i did go to the shop and had a listen to B & W 683 which are in my price range - they did sound very nice, realy warm mids, full bodied sound and punchy extended bass! That had me nearly sold but what stoped me from buying them was there 2005 looks! So i went home and started looking at web-shops in UK that would ship products to my country and found some KEF q900, Tannoy DC6T SE, Dali Zensor 7, XTZ 99.36 and also Q Acoustics 2050i! So my question is which of these speakers would have the warmest mids, big bass and smoothest treble without being to forward, good energy would be a bonus? Please help!?


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Jul 26, 2008
Try to find some reviews on the speakers you have short listed, the q-acoustics are very good but what I and others say may have a different sound to you, so auditioning is the only way but sounds like this is not an option, you say you are going 5.1 so what I think Iwould do is get a sub first, this may be the missing link you are after, getting a sub may just give the bass you crave with these speakers, if you are still not happy then it has not cost you anything as you would be buying a sub anyway, it might be that you spend out money on new speakers and be still be left wanting, especaily if you buy blind,its worth going this route imo, and it might just pay off. :) and save you money



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