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New member
Mar 27, 2010
Hi all

I have a Pace hd box received the new epg about three weeks ago and had picture problems ever since.Sky Sports seems to be the worse,the picture is very juddery and on the move all the time and some sound drop outs.I contacted the company i have a warranty with not sky and they asked me to turn off the lnb and then on again and wait for ten mins,this did the the trick,but the next day it was all back again Another call this time they said they would send a new hdmi lead i changed it no difference i have also done a forced update to latest version that again worked for a day then returned to picture judder,so to day another phone call and they are going to send engineer out on Tuesday,but what can they do apart from change the box but will that work as its all over the sky forums about new epg problems.Has anybody on here had simular problems.Like to hear from daveh75 as he seems to be an expert



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