New digital platform to match new Roksan Caspian amp


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi Folks, new to the forum and would like a little advice. I have just bought a Roksan Caspian M2 amp to match my B&W 805s speakers, Gyrodec and Roksan Phono stage. When I auditioned the amp with my speakers it was with the Caspian CD player and there is no doubt it sounded beautiful but I can't help but think its a lot of money for a format that is slowly disappearing. I do still however have quite a CD collection. So do I save up and get the matching Caspian or do I get the Audiolab 8200cd? Would the Audilab match the amp? I like the idea of having a cd player and dac so I can plug my Xbox into the DAC for streaming music from my pc. I wish Roksan had a product like the Audiolab as it's always nice to have matching equipment aesthetics wise which makes for a happier Mrs!


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Dec 7, 2010
Have you not thought about just ripping all your CDs on to a hard drive somewhere (the PC you mention, or a NAS)? Then just get a cheap(ish) streamer (cheap compared to the CDPs you mention anyway) and an external DAC (should you find you need one).

Even buying a NAS you could do this cheaper than the Audiolab, plus a NAS can get put away somewhere (as long as you can network to it) so it will be less clutter and more flexible in the long run too.

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