New DAC or streamer?


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Aug 10, 2019
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My current set-up is:

Arcam Alpha 10 integrated amp

Neat Motive 2 speakers

Music via my iMac/iTunes via Apple TV2 and a Lindy DAC (the small white one What Hifi reviewed)

Chord Odyssey 2 speaker cable and Chord Crimson Plus interconnects

I feel that although for the money the Lindy DAC is good; it can be bettered.

But I'm unsure as whether to go down the more expensive DAC route (Arcam rDac, MF M1 DAC, Emotiva DAC etc...) or whether to go for a dedicated streamer such as the Marantz NA 7004 etc...

With all my music being on iTunes the ATV2 has been ideal as its a small box and it's used for movies as well.

Do you think I'd get better returns from a more expensive DAC or dedicated streamer or would it be a lot of expense for not a lot of change in the sound quality ( which I fel is already very good)?


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so you are looking at spending 300-500?

what i would do is.

Buy a NAS rip it all to FLAC and buy a Squeezebox Touch.

never heard the lindy DAC but i know how good the SBT DACs are and the UI is great.

sure people who have used the DACs you mention will be allong soon.


Budget c£400 and ideally 2nd hand but will look at brand new

Just wonder how good the ATV2 with say an MF M1 DAC would be against a dedicated streamer such as the Marantz NA7004 or Pioneer/Denon streamers?


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