New Cyrus CD 8 SE or second hand Plinius CD-101


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi all - especially Clare, who has had a chance to listen to and has had some good things to say about both players elsewhere in the forums.

I know these are not ordinarily considered in the same breath, but in my case it makes sense to do so.

I have been offered a 1 year old Plinius CD-101 for about 25% more than the cost of importing a Cyrus CD 8 SE to my country. I have heard the Plinius and it is wonderful, but am unable to audition a Cyrus as there are no local dealers in South Africa. (Cyrus will allow direct imports, and will honour warentees, etc., so that is not the deciding factor).

Certainly there is a huge price difference between these two CD players (if they were bought first hand anyway), but the Plinius design is several years old and What Hi-Fi has been making some fantastic claims for the new Cyrus CD's.

I don't want this to be the deciding factor, but I have recently bought the Plinius 9200 amp. I am however quite prepared to mix and match.

Any advice?


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Feb 18, 2008

I've listened to both the Cyrus CD8SE and the Plinus CD-101. I actually listened to it with your amp and I was very impressed. If you can live without a display go for the Plinus - I would especially since you have the Plinus amp. The Cyrus sounds okay but I'm generally a fan of Cyrus. I don't like the styling of their components sonics aside.

Plinus have 3 year warranty so the CD-101 will still be under warranty? Perhaps check with Plinus if they will transfer the warranty.

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
Oooh, this is a tough one. I think the Cyrus might do some things better than the Plinius, but that the CD-101 would be clearly better in an all-Plinius system. So, i'd go for the Pliny! (If, however, it was the Cyrus CD Xt SE/DAC XT combination, the story could be different - now what a fantastic comparative test that's gonna be).


Hi there,I am also interested in this thread. I recently asked for advice as I was looking at Cyrus v Primare to pair up with the Denon AVC-A1HD AV amp.ÿ

I am now considering having a CD player, stereo intergrated amp and also an amp for surround.

Have not had the chance to listen to CD8SE (or 6 for that matter) but had a quick listen to Plinius. Am going to weigh up buying Plinius CD101 and 9200 or CD8SE with appropriate Cyrus amp.

ÿAny advice out there? Realise the 8SE is being reviewed in next issue.




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