New cd player; Marantz or Unison?


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Oct 21, 2008
I'm looking at a new cd player. My system: Luxman 505f, KEF XQ40 speakers. I love a warmer, full bodied without sharp highs. My music is most rock and pop.

Which cd player is better: the new Marantz 8003, the Marantz Sa15S1 or the Unison unico cd? And is if possible XLR better than chinch?

the record spot

The Unison and the Marantz Sa15S1 would be nearer each other, but the 8003 had a very good review recently I think. It's a KI without the KI label effectively as there's no 'budget' 8003. There'll be a differently numbered player coming out to fill the outgoing standard SA7001.


My experience of the Unison was extremely good. In fact, I think it's bloody amazing. The only downside is the interface; it's dreadful. Disk loading takes ages and the navigation is a bit vague. If you can see past that (I'm sure there's a knack to using it) you'll end up with a CDP that does mids to leave you feeling goose-pimply all over. The bass isn't the tightest going but I think it fits the overall character very well. As you'd probably expect, it matches well with valve amps so that should give you some idea of the flavour. I found my Roksan Kandy like acid after hearing it!

I heard it with Sonus Faber Concerto Domus floorstanders on a Unision Research S2 single-ended valve amp. If the amp had the power to give more bass on the Sonus I would have bought them there and then, £2k he wanted. Brilliant.


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