new cartridge or new turntable?

Jan 4, 2015

I have a Linn Basik turntable that has seen occasional use for many years but I want to start listening to my LP collection more. It has a Linn K9 cartridge fitted and I am reasonably sure this would need a stylus change but of course these are now unobtainable. So I started just thinking new cartridge, but then started to wonder if a new turntable would be worthwhile. I could justify up to about 500 pounds total expenditure.

Cartridges I've been thinking of are Ortofon 2M Blue, Audio-Technica AT440MLA, Rega Bias 2. Others have suggested that the 2M would be too low-compliance to suit the Linn arm. Comments welcome........

Would a Rega RP1 with performance pack be an improvement on the Basik or should I be looking for better? Pro-Ject is the other range I've been looking at.


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