new av receiver for dolby true hd


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have just bought the sony bdp s500 blue ray dvd player and am considering upgrading my current denon 3805 receiver to take advantage of the dolby true hd. I have narrowed it down to either the Denon 2808 or 3808 and Onkyo 805 or 875. Which is the better and between them what do i get for the extra money and which in other peoples opinion is the better for the music. I am tempted by the onkyo because of the thx but am concerned with the heat output which i have read about how much of a gap shold i leave above the amp. I am hoping to listen to all 4 receivers next month but other peoples opinion is always welcome.


Got the 3808 a couple of months ago upgraded from 3802.

It sounds good to me via PCM, I like the multizone 2&3, usb inputs, internet radio, media steaming, upscaling, 2x remote controls, 3 quick select buttons, hdmi switching, great menus. Dont use Audyssey though and zone 2 without other amps uses the output from the 7.1 speaker outputs.
People reckon the Onkyo but it gets too hot, Denon is fine with about 2" above it.


Yeah but you need a lot of space around them, not a great product for mounting in small under tv cabinets, imo.