New Arcam AV line up


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Aug 21, 2009
I believe they are out......but are taking a while to filter into dealers. My dealer had n AVR 750 for a week to try, but Arcam were under pressure for demo stock, and took it back again.

His verdict was that it was better than the AVR600....which makes it very good indeed.

Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
psurquhart said:
Anyone know when they will be out ?

WHF - any incoming news on review samples / release dates ?

Arcam is due to visit us with the new kit in the next couple of weeks.


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Aug 4, 2013
Having read a lot of negative comments on Arcam's previous line up of AV gear, I do hope that this new line up will address the issues e.g. lot's of pop's and bangs when changing between inputs, overheating etc. You only have to look at AVForums and it's Arcam forum has a lot of these complaints contained within. I realise that people (myself included) when they find issues report them on forums to warn others, seek advice etc, but it might just be me, but seem to be a lot !

Does anyone know if indeed this line up has been designed to address previous findings from customers ? I'll not be impressed if they do their user acceptance testing in live as these are not budget items. Issuing firmware updates should not be frequent and based on issues reported by new or existing customers shortly after launch ! I would far rather purchase from a company that took care of any issues pre-live rather than rush a product out the door.


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