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Sep 6, 2007
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I currently have the Arcam Alpha 9 integrated amp and i'm going to audition the B&W 685, 684 and Monitor Audio RS6 and RS8 speakers tomorrow to initially go with my Arcam Alpha 9 integrated amp. What i would like to know are peoples opinions on: I am getting my other Arcam Alpha 9 integrated amp and Alpha 9 Power amp serviced by Arcam next week so should i keep them to go with the speakers of my choice OR Should i go for a brand new NAD C352 or C370 amp? My only reason for asking is that the Arcam's are 9 years old now and even though they still sound brilliant to me, is it time to replace?


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I'd say you should take some time to audition the NADs. NAD amplifiers sound VERY different to the Arcams - much punchier and livelier. They are particularly outstanding at low volumes as they don't lose the warmth in their sound or their soundstaging abilities like many amps. Why not do some A/B comparisons at a dealership to see which you prefer. Being 9 years old is absolutely no reason, on its own, to seel the Arcams if you like them and if they suit you better than more recent options.
Also be aware that the C352 and, particularly, the C370, are very large and powerful amplifiers. They need PLENTY of ventilation space all round as NAD amps tend to run fairly warm.


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why do you say the NAD C352 or C370 amp when one has been upgraded and the other stopped? the 355BBE could be well worth a listen. as would the 372 particularly with the larger 684.


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[quote user="d_a_n1979"]Sorry i meant the C372 and not the C370[/quote]

Right my amp ;) i went in to the shop to buy the 532 along with the C542 cd player and auditioned them on some 704's (i was not thinking of buying speakers but there were of a similar "size" to my old speakers, WOW they sounded fantastic (i was now in speaker mode!) well i then had a listen to most of the speakers with that amp and cd combo and liked..... yes that seed had been sown..... lets try again but with the 372 instead of the 532. Well knock me down with a feather it was just the sound i wanted (or so i thought) the bigger amp sounded less fussy but still had the same Voice. brain moves on fast what about the 162 and 272 yes we have them in stock. In NAD grey? no just Ti. Ok one NAD grey 372 and 542 to go please. now a year later I am very very happy. the 372 and the B&W 684's should be a great combo.


Having owned the 8i & 8p and replaced with a Rotel RA03, I'd be tempted to suggest hanging on to them. They are very good amps and are smooth enough to work well with the MA RS6s. I guess the only factor for me would be how much they will cost to service. It was the high price to blow the dust out of my 8's that put me off and led me to eBay them. The market is still strong for 2nd hand Alphas so you might be better off eBaying them to reap the reward.

Not a very helpful answer! My main point was that I miss my pair of Alpha 8's so tread carefully!


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