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Feb 9, 2024
This mindf&*% of a problem, that make me feel like my eye stalks are trying to tie themselves in knots when I think about it...

..started because..

I listen to it ALL the time.
Spotify, rarely.
Wanting to save £12? a month, I decided to find a way to stream YouTube to my Sonos and Echo speakers.

After banging my head off THAT brick wall, I eventually lost faith in finding a solution where I could send music to stereo pairs and grouped speakers around my house.
I'm on a limited budget so even resorted to GitHub to build my own app.
Several minutes later... I decided this was inviable. (Computers are stupid. EVERYTHING is stupid.)

Spotify does a GREAT job of identifying my speaker groups.
ARE THERE other apps that will recognise my speaker groups?
I'd like to stream from my mobile or laptop from YouTube and PLEX, where I intend to build a FLAC audiobase from which to stream.

Once I have some meaningful responses, I'll move on to ecosystem.
I'd intended to upgrade to the new Sonos 300s but I'm rethinking this.
Depending on the answers, I could be tempted to mop up older Sonos 3 and 5 speakers from the used market.


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Aug 9, 2023
I'm not positive I know what you're trying to do, but Yamaha's MusicCast app allows you to give each device (receiver or single wireless speaker) a name and then link them to play back to sync'd multiple devices. I'm pretty sure Denon's Heos has this feature too. Of course, both of those are locked to brands, so not exactly what you're looking for.


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Nov 29, 2007
Yep. A raspberry Pi with Picore on it.
this is basically LMS and you control any player (can be other Pi players) from a single device running say iPeng.


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