Netflix confirms ads are coming – and a cheaper subscription tier


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Advertising and clamping down on account sharing is not going to save Netflix. It has lost multiple series like Star Trek and the new season of Dynasty, and others as well. It needs to produce or procure more compelling content to compete with Disney+ and Amazon Prime, not to mention others. It's also going to be dealt a double blow by the upcoming Lord Of The Rings TV series on Prime, and the GOT prequel House Of The Dragon.

If there's nothing to watch advertising is not going to lure viewers. Simples.
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May 8, 2020
My niece has just put me on her subscription so getting it free and Apple Music too. :)
What is it with folk wanting everything for nothing. I could go on being extremely rude or modern about all of this, but it is just too depressing to bother with.


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As I have said before, with more and more streaming services being launched and, people around the world being hit by rising inflation, some services are going to fail. Perhaps Netflix will be the first of the big ones to go down the pan.
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