Need to upgrade 6year old system, advice please!


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Aug 10, 2019
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I need to upgrade my system which consists of Yamaha rxv 659 receiver, Kef iq7, Kef iq6c, Kef iq1 and Yamaha 315 Subwoofer, I have a budget Samsung Bluray Player and a Full HD LCD screen.

My problem is that my amp is not HD compatible and also that my system lacks some mid-bass definition.

Its got great scale as i have a smallish listening area and the detail is not bad, but sometimes when i listen to music pop or even techno, the bass definition is lacking, my sub is also not helping much as its quite slow and lacks timing!

I have heard some of the latest budget HD 'one box' solutions for about third of the money i paid back in the day, and some of them sound pretty awesome!

So my question is: do i invest only in a new amp and subwoofer or do i sell of my whole current system and go for something smaller and cheaper, will todays technology with HD sound etc. give me more for my money than upgrading my components one by one?

Any advice will be much appreciated!


An upgrade to something like the RX-A810 would offer an upgrade just due to HD formats and more power, and should make your speakers sound better.

I would suggest upgrading the AVR & then if still needed the sub, for me individual components win out every time over an all in one, and you can upgrade as you go.


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