Need Some Advice Samsung LED UE55D8000 or Plasma PS64D8000


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi there, I'm planning of buying a new TV to complete my home theatre. But I'm a little bit confused between the Samsung LED UE55D8000 or Plasma PS64D8000, which is more sharpness & clearer picture? Can we tell the difference while watching a movie or a ball game between 600Hz (PS64D8000) & 800Hz (UE55D8000)?

In my opinion UE55D8000 has more solid pictures than the PS64D8000, if I'm not mistaken? But I also interested in a 64" TV, it's because the size means the bigger satisfaction you'll get. Please give me some advice so I don't regret buying one of them. I've been saving some money for quite a long time to have my own home theatre.

Thank you for your attention ladies & gents =)


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Jun 14, 2011
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Welcome to this forum, Henry

My preference is Plasma every time. They don't burn out quickly, they are not as power hungry as they used to be, they have decent black levels, viewing angles & less lag than LCDs. LCDs often look superficially sharper but suffer more blur. I also think the colours look more natural on the plasmas I've seen.

One flaw my Panasonic P42V20B has is that it buzzes. This is generally not noticeable except during very quiet moments. I'm not sure if this is associated with plasmas in general or just certain models. There seems to be far more models being made, maybe more & more people realise that they give a better picture? Models down to 37" rather than 42" are available. Plasmas in general are not expensive as they used to be.

The biggest deal-breaker against LCDs is viewing angles! If other people are also going to watch as well - the case for plasma is even stronger.The biggest disadvantage to them is their weight!!

64" is very large! You would need to sit a long way from a TV of this size! You would also need a very large room. Normal def pictures look awful when viewed too close!


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Dec 9, 2009
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Personally would also go for plasma. In my experience, the picture of an LCD may have more "pop", but plasma's picture are more realistic and the motion is better (especially for sports).

Have you looked at the Samsung PS59D6900? Bigger than the 55 (derr), but available for much less than the 64D8000. Got mine from JL for £1399!


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