Need recommendation on TV, Sound and BR player


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi, I need some advice in what appears to be a mine field! I a fortunate position to be able to purchase a 46" 3D TV, plus sound system and BR player. Room not built yet so able to hide all cables for wall mounted speakers, wall mounted tv etc. Just don't know what to go for. Like look of Samsung UE46D6100 - that's as far as I've got! Is anyone able to provide a model combination that would feature "best of the rest" for;- 3D LED TV AMP and Speakers Blue ray Player Bracket for wall with shelves I can then narrow down choices! Thanks so much


sorry for not coming back......

now looking at the LG 50PZ570T Plasma at 699.00 from Richer, plus.....

ONKYO TXNR609 amp - £470

KEF KHT1505 speakers/sub - £499

Panasonic DMPBDT110 blue ray - £110

what ya reckon?


What will you mainly be using the TV for?

I ask because you went from a Samsung LED onto an LG plasma? Both very different displays.

For movies, I'd strongly recommend a mid-range plasma (don't really know much about the LG plasma you mentioned)

The Onkyo 609 is a good little amp. There are lots of receivers out there for this kinda money but personally I'd wanna know what speakers need powering before deciding what to power them with.

For the speakers, if you could up your budget a little more, you can buy the KHT 2005 which will serve you alot better than the newer 1505 but I would say go for a floorstander/bookshelf setup if you have the space. Look into Wharfedale/Tannoy/Q Acoustic range etc much bigger sound and ideal for movies and music. The satellites will struggle with music!!

If you think the speakers are going over your budget - You can buy the floorstanders and centre speaker first and use this setup for a while until you can afford the surrounds to go with it.

This way you should be able to get a really top quality system which you will be happy with and won't need to upgrade for years to come.

I wouldn't worry too much about a Blu-ray player. The Panasonic one you mentioned will be good enough.

The DMP-BD75 is going for around £79 which might save you a bit more money?


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May 2, 2011
If you really want a real picture quality then plasma is the way to go, but then go for a Panasonic. If 3d Then TX-P46GT30 (this one has an annoying silverinside-bezzel) or TX-P46VT30 (expensive but worthwile).

If not 3d. then Panasonic TX-P46G30 (my choice)


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