Need advice worried about fire, explosions etc lol. Sony f442e amp but what speakers?


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Aug 8, 2013

I have just purchased a Sony F442E Amplifier, I bought it for a house party. Mainly to use with an ipad through aux input but I am completely and utterly clueless about the right speakers to be used with this. I promise I have tried to understand but need help and I'm not afraid to ask the experts.

My friend told me I could hook up the speakers from my panasonic sa ak44 hifi. I did and smelt what I think was burning nasty smell no smoke mind you. I instantly turned it off.

This is when I realised that I needed help lol

From what I understand an amp needs to be 50% more powerful than the speakers you use it with (but maybe Im wrong) I couldnt figure out what the wattage of the amp was. One of my friends pulled up some specs and reckons 80 watts
again no idea

Judging by that I reckoned around 50 watt speakers. So I bought some 50 watt, 8 ohms JVC speakers model number jvc sp-e37bk from a charity shop. So far no fire but I think I need someone to enlighten me

So thanks for reading my thread and thanks for any advice in advance
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