Need advice on speakers for PC music + Cyrus set-up


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Aug 10, 2019
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System / environment:
Music source is PC via external DAC (Scott Nixon USB.UFO.TD with outboard PSU); Cyrus Pre vs2; 2 x Cyrus 8 Powers mono bi-wired to Polk Rti10 floorstander speakers; Cambridge Audio Azur Reference interconnects, speaker cables: Supra PLY 3.4 for LF, and Black&White LS502 for HF, Cyrus Tri-Arbour equipment rack. Room is about 5m x 6m, with further room opening from one side, mostly carpeted, large bookcase facing speakers.
Background info:
Committed to mp3 as primary music source due to extreme convenience, and because 28,000 tracks are just too many to even think about re-ripping to FLAC. Music ripped at 320bps using EAC/LAME. I listen primarily to classic and indie rock, 1950s jazz and variety of classical, especially opera, 19th century symphonic, chamber and polyphonic 17th century religious works.

Sound has improved enormously with recent DAC, amp and speaker cable purchases, but still suffers from some treble harshness, confused mid range on large scale orchestral works, and boomy bass.

Upgrades already planned are to add Cyrus CD8x for extra-serious listening, and later when funds allow, to add Cyrus PSX-R power supplies to all Cyrus units. Ultimate dream is to add two more 8 Powers and PSX-Rs so I can mono bi-amp the speakers. Is this more a case of “because you can” with the Cyrus upgrade route, than because it would make any real sense?
Advice needed:
1. The speakers are obviously the weakest link, and a budget up to 2 or 3 thousand pounds is under consideration for replacement, although I’d prefer no more than £2,000. I want bi-wirable floorstanders preferably with a flat top and they must work well with only about 25cms clearance from rear wall (both requirements for domestic harmony).

B&W, Spendor, Dali, ProAc, Sonus Faber, …? So many fine brands, and very difficult to audition in a realistic way here in Hong Kong, since the shops are not much like the listening room at home. The ProAc Studio 140’s look like they tick all the boxes, but I would like to have more options on the shortlist. I don’t suppose you do Reader Rescues as far as HK? It would compensate for over-short trips to Teddington recently …

2. Can I expect any worthwhile benefit from buying better power leads, after updgrading to PSX-R power supplies? This would not be a trivial expense, with a total of eight Cyrus boxes plus the DAC’s PSU.


Further to my initial post, I have re-thought the configuration, and the new speakers do NOT need to have a flat top after all (so B&W in with a bigger chance?).

Hoping to get some helpful ideas soon!



I have added a Cyrus CD8x now, so speaker upgrade even more urgent but I am still bemused at the options.


I have a similar system:
CD 8 X + PSX-R
PreVS2 + PSX-R
2 x 8 powers mono biwired
Monitor Audio Silver 8i Floorstanders
Chord Rumor Bi-wire
Chord Chorus - CD to Pre
Chord Chameleon - Pre to amps

Although Cyrus kit can be a little on the bright side if not partnered correctly I find the top end a lot smoother since adding the PreVS2 compared with my older 8VS integrated. Perhaps a PSX-R on the CD8 might help, see if you can get one on loan from your dealer

I've also been considering the following speakers:

Monitor Audio GS60 (£2000) these have big room filling sound, bass and mid range were very good but the top was a little too bright for me at times.

PMC FB1+ (£1750 ?) these have a nice smooth top end, nice bass but something didn't sound quite right in mid range, at the time I only had 1 x 8 power so I'm hoping the mid will improve when I try them again.

ProcAc Studio 140 (£1450), these were quite nice but again just a little too harsh for my tastes.

Some Cyrus users are happy with Dynaudio or Audiovector speakers but I haven't tried any of these so can't really comment. Visit the forum, you'll find some great advice/experience.

Hope this helps.



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Jul 28, 2007
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Hi Simon
I'm not normally would say this but you have a real nice set of cables, Supra is well shielded and both smooth and weighty in sound with no nasties surprise and your interconnects are a true giant killer.
Speakers? I certainly wouldn't put ProAc 140 with Cyrus unless you are in to classical and not much else. The PMC FB1 are very good but I found the bass can become boomy if your room accoustic is not perfect. At this price point I would recomend B&W 805s which is a good all rounder pair, make sure you are using them with dedicated stands and the bass firm up even more. They also have ability to gel into many system I have heard over a years and my friend currently using them with £10,000 worth of electronics (Chords. blu + Dac 64, prima pre and Krell power).
As for main cables, I am not a big fan of spending lots of cash to get tiny more preformence. I am currently using Russ Andrew Classic power chords for the sake of being an audio lover (improvment is certainly not night and day diffrent) I would not spend any more than that. Will a metre or so of cable make any difference at the end of several miles of a journey from the local power station? Do a blind test and find out for yourself is my advice.


Thanks very much for both replies, and apologies for long absence from this forum.

Any action on this is shelved for some time for budgetary reasons, but I will try to update when things start moving again.

Your responses very much appreciated.



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