Need advice buying an amp & speakers for Projector!! Please Help


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all, I'm new here and I was looking for some help with the following. I have a Sony VPL-HS60 Projector and I'm looking to buy an AV Amp to hook up to the HDMI input. After looking around for a while I think I'm going to get the Onkyo TX SR605 but I have no idea about the speakers. I was looking at Jamo E6 models but my budget will only cover maybe a 5.1 setup for the moment with the view to upgrade (if needed) to 7.1 in the future. This is for an attic conversion and the room is 15ft x 15ft so not sure I need 7.1. Also I will be looking to have a ps3, windows media centre & satilite etc hooked up through the amp.

Can you recommend a cheaper/better set of speakers or even amp for the same money as I'm lost looking into all this stuff...? Any advice would be appreciated.


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