need a 2 channel reciever?


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Jan 5, 2010
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:) hi i have the usa onkyo 5009 amp i want to do 11.1 the amp does 9.2 i was told by a onkyo technitian that if i add an external 2 channel reciever i could then make it 11.2 channels by putting a optical cable from the optical out of the 5009 to the optical input of the 2 channel reciever is this correct would it work if so could anybody please recomend a 2 channel reciever that i could connect to the onkyo 5009 to give me 11.1 the onkyo technitian recommended the 2 channel stereo onkyo cr-545 reciever but i noticed it has no optical inputs i need a 2 channel reciever that has optical inputs and has pre amp inputs need help asap please :)


Any 2 channel receiver will do, as long as it improves or equals the power output of your AVR interns of perceived ability. You can connect via the RCA outs to your RCA inputs, (not sure about optical, due to Lip sync.). One with Home Theartre bypass would be preferable otherwise you will be messing around with the front volume level each time you switch from stereo to Home Theatre.