Naim CD5i/Nait 5i and B&W805s set up


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Aug 10, 2019
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My set up is as follows:

Naim CD5i, Nait 5i, B&W 805s. It is tied together wikt QED XT400 speakercables and the DIN cable of the CD5i CD player of naim. The B&W''s are mounted on Dynaudio stand 4 (since my previous speakers were dynaudio's 52SEs)

I an very happy with this set up. I have a few questions though.

Because I stumbled upon my B&W 805s speakers and got them on a large discount, I wonder if these speakers might be too hard to drive for the nait 5i, since the nait 5i is only delvering 50 Wpc?

Should I improve on my cables? And do you have any suggestions on that?

Again, for now I am very happy with this set. But, for the 'far' future, any suggestions on what should be a good upgrade (path)?



I recently got a CD5i and paired it with a NAP150x pwr and a NAC122x pre. I have a pair of MS Performance 6's. The NAP150x is only 50wpc, but dedicated not shared like your Nait5i. I demoed the iNait5i the time and thought the pre/pwr combo was a lot better. Don't pay any attn to the wpc rating of naim, the 50wpc blew away a 120w setup from Rotel i heard, was also better than a T+A amp rated at 50w. I use original Nait cable as recommended by the dealer, it's certainly very beefy. Still I've heard QED cable is excellent. Demo the pwr/pre, hope you can find a dealer that will let you ahve it for a weekend, sound so much better in your own place! Good luck


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Jul 28, 2007
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Upgrade? If you gonna stick with Naims 5 series (which a little bit one trick wonder imo) I suggest to try them with Neat Acoustic speakers (standmout MFS) which known in the trade for well synergy matching. The B&W 805s are excellent all rounder and although they would benifit from more watts up them but like you said "you are very happy at the moment" which indicate that the Nait 5i has enough punch to get them singing. I heard many good thing about the particular QED you are using but never heard them in my house so can't comment but I know someone that using VDH speakers cables (will find out the model for you) with Naims to a good effect.....I have to mention though that changing cables, even to the stupidly expensive ones, are not always the upgrade path! they may changed the sound but no garantee that you will hear more from the disc!