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Aug 10, 2019
Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Naim AV2 unit, or knows anything about it? It seems to have been discontinued in 2010, and Naim doesn't seem to be offering anything to replace it directly. I'm really interested in one, since I really like my Naim stereo system and would be very keen to expand it to 5.1 for movies (especially as my floorstanding speakers are part of a 5.1 package, too). The thought of moving to a different AV processor/amp does not appeal... The Naim AV2 seemed like a brilliant way to integrate the current system into 5.1 - so any comments on it? Does anyone know the reason for its withdrawal, or how it worked and compared to other AV units? I'm very new to AV gear at this stage, so it might be that I'm missing an obvious reason for AV2's discontinuance... Thanks! Roman


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May 21, 2008
The AV2 is a processor, so you'd need additional amps for the speakers, and it doesn't do any hd audio decoding, so you'd have to get a BluRay player that decoded the audio to be input directly to the AV2 if you wanted to take full advantage of BluRay audio.

It's doable but you might find it better to get a different processor or recevier with more modern features, and with pre-outs, and then just add Naim amplifiers to the pre-outs. This shouldmaintain the Naim sound, but give you better / easier surround processing.


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