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Nov 24, 2007
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I havn't seen anything from what hif on the nad masters series home cinema gear (or m3 stereo amp come to think of it)...has anyone here bought them and what is your opinion as i find it is rather a daunting task to spend $8000 (aussie dollars) on a pre amp and power amp when listening sessions in a dedicated hifi store tend to sound alot better than the same gear when taken home as our houses dont have all that sound deading furnishings that hifi shops tend to have...Also would the two channel m3 integrated be good enough to give a reasonable movie playback in stereo ?..It is an alternative to spend all the cash on two channel rather than dividing it up into a surround receiver and 5 speakers instead of two..My concern is , is an upmarket two channel system capable of providing a central image without having a centre speaker...I ask this question as i find that stereo playback from surround sound recievers tends to be mediocer,perhaps nad's pre/power is the exception to the rule ?........regards.........ian


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