NAD L70 with 2 speakers or Cambridge Audio S30 speakers, A5 amp and separate DVD player


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Aug 10, 2019
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Im in the process of buying a Samsung LE37R88BD LCD TV and want to add some audio equipment to it. I have a small room at the moment so dont think 5:1 surround is an option right now. I made a trip to Richer Sounds and was convinced in to buying the discontinued NAD L70 DVD receiver for just £200. Since I can use this as an amp and also get a decent DVD player built in I went for it. For speakers I will probably get 2 bookshelf speakers for under £150. The L70 had some ok reviews a while back but Im wondering if they were ok for its price (around £500) and if I picked it up for £200 then maybe it was well worth it.

My question is this: Am I better off with this L70 and 2 speakers or should I go for an offer like Richer Sounds' Camb. Aud. S30 Speakers and A5 amp for £200 - still leaving me with enough money to get a fairly decent DVD player?

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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The L70 looks fine for your requirements. I'd try it with a pair of S30s, or QAcoustics 1010s, or - if you fancy something seriously wacky - a pair of Tangent's Evo speakers, which come in a range of colours. Or gloss piano black if you want to be sensible. All these speakers are around the £80-£100 mark.


Thanks for your prompt reply. I guess my concern is that Im not overly keen on the aesthetics of the L70 so Id swap it if I knew that I wasnt throwing away a great deal. The only immediate benefit I can see is the surround sound capabilites.

I do like the speakers you suggested. The red Evos look nice but not sure if WhaHi-Fi's 4 star rating is enough to put me off getting the 5 star rated S30s or Q Acc. 1010s.

On a side note, I find it very hard to compare star ratings when the prices dont match. For eg is a 5 star £200 Cambridge Audio A5 gonna compete with a 5 star £500 NAD L70? Me being awkward I guess!


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