Nad c542 vs marantz cd6002???????????


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Aug 10, 2019
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hello, recently purchased some m-short 916's and a nad c352 amplifier, however i'm stuck without a decent cd player at the moment. i'm using a very old sony cdp-m44 to play cd's right now. which of the nad c542 and the marantz 6002 can u recommend? or are there any other alternatives for under £300 i should consider.

I am leaning towards matching up the nad c542 and c352 together, but i'm looking for best in this class.

(p.s has anyone replaced the jumpers on the amp? can u recommend some good jumper cables?)

John Duncan

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The Cambridge 640c is still no slouch, though the Marantz is now available for less from the same retailer. There's a second hand Creek Evo on eBay for 299, but it's silver, which won't match your NAD (though only NAD will match a NAD).

Can't comment on the jumpers - nads will jump in shortly, I expect.


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