NAD C315BEE amplifier pop when changing source?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I've just purchased a NAD C315BEE amplifier as an upgrade from my old Denon PMA355UK. I wanted something a little smaller and less 'fussy'. It is partnered with Monitor Audio Bronze BR2 speakers and a Denon DVD 1940 player which I use for CD and DVD.

I have noticed that when I change source on the amp' or mute it there is an audible 'pop' from the speakers. It is always the same volume, regardless as to the actual listening volume. It happens whether I use the remote or front panel to change source too.

Does anyone else have experience of this or is it a problem with my amp' please? My Denon did not do it and I am concerned it will damage my speakers in the long run.

Many thanks indeed!



My JVC tends to do that too but it has an excuse because of its age. In my opinion I don't think you will damage the speakers unless it hurts your ears it is so loud. Give the dealer a ring you bought it from, they may be able to tell you. It's not usually a big problem - it's just the design of the amp. I've had no experience with this amp so I can't tell you specifically...but it can also be a sign of wearing electronics (which it is in my 22 year old jvc) but it shouldn't be in yours.

Anybody else know the answer?


I bought a NAD C315 + C515 + MS 902i today and have literally just finished plugging it all together. But i've just checked and i get the same thing; a pop when changing source or muting.

Don't really want to take it back and it's not a big problem just a bit annoying.

Anyone got any ideas?


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On mine i just get a click from the amp as it changes channel nothing from the speakers. But it is not the same one as yours, but i do remember my old 3130 doing similar things for all 20 years that i had it.