NAD announces flagship Masters M33 streaming amp


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Jan 10, 2009
A few points on this article.
NAD have said this amp will be available from March this year.
The article makes no mention of the fact the M33 is an upgrade of the current M32, also adding in some of the newer features that were first launched on the M10.
This is the 3rd or 4th product using this tech, not the second to the M10.
It might have been worth pointing out that BluOS is a sub brand of NAD, or rather the parent company Lenbrook, since it was made a stand alone brand.

Also talking about having a DAC is a bit misleading.
This is the latest in NAD’s digital hybrid amp series, where all processing and amplification takes place in the digital domain.
Digital to analogue conversion takes place as a function of the final stage of the power amp output.
There is no DAC in the commonly understood sense.
Analogue inputs are obviously converted to digital through an ADC stage before being processed and amplified.

Other than that, I think prospective buyers looking for a high class system should seriously look at this before going to any of the usual suspects. NAD have a successful and established record in delivering very impressive results with this tech and their Master Series amps are built and perform to very high standards. High end brands are charging thousands of ££$$€€’s more for similar build and sound quality.
Oh and no I don’t work for them or have any connection with the HiFi retail trade.
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