nad 3120 given up the ghost?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I own an original NAD 3120 but yesterday it appeared, after over 20 years of beautiful service, to have given up...

The amplifier makes a sound but it is only the low-level input noise that comes out (speakers are Mission M71), and the volume knob has only a negligible effect.

Does this sound like any sort of common issue with amplifiers in general/of this age? My gut instinct is that it's a cap or transistor that's failed because of its age and none of the electronics within the amp seem to be burned out. I'd like to be able to repair it because the amp sounds brilliant. How much do hifi repairs of this sort tend to set you back?

Thanks for any help!


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Feb 23, 2011
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The problem you will have is finding someone willing to even take a look at it for you.

Quoting a price for a repair that hasn't yet been diagnosed is difficult but it's a simple amp so between £30 - £60 I would think.

Do you only get the low frequency noise or do you still get the music plus the noise ?

Where in the country are you ?


By the low line level noise what I meant was there isn't any low frequency hum, or hum at all in fact- all you can hear is the music but really tinny and at a really low volume. As if it's going through all the circuitry but coming out unamplified.

I live in the midlands/bristol depending on the time of year (bristol currently)!


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