My setup and thoughts on new CD player

Oct 2, 2015
Firstly a warm hello to everyone on the forums, great stuff. Just redecorated and thought it was about time I got a proper cd player for my system...which is an understatement considering the speakers are 10 years old and have already seen off an amp...the 90's technic player needs retiring badly. This setup has been amazing for me for mixing oldskool hardcore/jungle, drum and bass etc but my cd collection really needs a new breath of life.

The Wilson benesch Arcs have been amazing and sound just as exciting 10 years on. Originally paired with a Pathos classic one I did a complete switch when I heard the Naim XS 2, borrowed one off a mate when the valves went in the Pathos and he had to tear it off me to get it back haha. Underneath's a Flatcap XS 2. The bass is perfect for a small room and the kind of music I usually listen to but I have CD's from rock to folk to jazz and haven't been following the scene in years so was after a few sugestions on players that people think might pair well, price isn't too much an issue but nothing silly.

Naim XS 2 + Flatcap XS 2

Technic 1200 decks

Allen & Heath XONE 32 mixer

Wilson Benesch Arc speakers

Sony TC 186SD cassette deck

Merlin Chopin interconnects, QED spiral speaker cable, special mains plugs I can't remember...



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Aug 21, 2009
Hi Paul...and a warm welcome to you as well.

Firstly, would you consider going for a Streamer instead of a CD Player?

If Streaming doesn't appeal, then you might consider a CDP from Rega, Pathos, Sugden, Electrocompaniet or Naim.

That Cassette Deck very much reminds me of a Sony TCK4A, that I owned back in the day
Oct 2, 2015
An A500+, still working from when I was a kid. Use it to make sounds with, and the games, got a thing for point and click...yeah sorta went minimalist and didnt have much room for the shoes.

Thanks for the sugestions, some familiar names, can't wait to test something. Despereately need more racking as well, don't like having to stack, the Atacama's been solid, another next to it might have to be done.

Wasn't thinking of a streamer really, I actually hook my laptop straight to the mixer when I'm making tunes/listening, bit old school but not a hassle, small flat

The cassette deck's a tank, great sound, had it refurbished, from the 70's, my parents old player.


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