My New/Old vinyl based setup


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Aug 10, 2019
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The system I have been working towards is finally complete :

Creek 4040 s2
Thorens TD 160 with Ortofon 2m Red
Dali Zensor 1
QED original speaker cable

The Creek appealed to me because of the excellent reputation the phono stage has, the thorens I saw in a hi fi shop and the look and feel of it I really liked. I was originally planning to try to get some Linn Kann`s but they would have pushed the budget a little too far. The Dali`s seemed to be pretty good for the money and have had many good reviews.

Well I thought it would sound great but I have been really blown away, I guess that will happen after many years of laptop only music but for just under £500 I feel I have a wonderful sounding setup.

Time to check out the charity shops for some vinyl!


Well done Schultzee

May I recommend CDANDLP.COM for 2ndhand Vinyl, they are based in France but are a hub for sellers in the US and Europe.

Their grading system is pretty accurate. I have bought some GRP Jazz Fusion from the eighties (sideways glance to camera: NICE!)

And the rice crispies have been minimal.


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