My HiFi is 8 ohm, can I use 6 ohm speakers?


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Oct 2, 2011
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I have a Technics separates system that is 50 w/c and states 8-16 ohm on the back.

This seems pretty clear to me, but can I use 6 ohm speakers? I guess they won't sound as good and I may damage the amp?

I'm looking for older Mission speakers, now focusing on the larger book shelf speakers, 782, 781, 751 and 732, but some of them are 6ohm!

Should I keep looking for the speaker ohm ratings or just get the first ones that come up on eBay?


Hi Timbo. A speaker impedance varies with frequency through the audio range(20Hz-20kHz), so the 6 ohms of your speaker system is a nominal figure. Some speakers' impedances, say a nominal 8 ohm one, might drop as low as 4 ohms and peak as high as 30 ohms through the audio range, the amplifier sees a continuously varying load. Whilst a nominal 6 ohm design draws a bit more current than a nominal 8 ohm one, the Technics' power supply rails should cope at normal to highish volume levels. The amplifier has current protection circuitry and would cut out if over exerted. So a speakers impedance(resistance to alternating current)is an average taken over many frequency points, very rarely does a speaker present a purely resistive load to an amplifier.