My First Turntable


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Jul 17, 2008
I've just received my first turntable. I picked up a Sansui SR-222 on eBay for £30. I think it's the first version as there is no version number after the SR-222. Not in great condition. It was very dusty with an oily residue over it. I've cleaned it up. The drive belt was in bits under the platter and the stylus is broken. The motor is turning when switched on.

I'll need a new stylus and drive belt and hoped some of you could let me know if these are what I'm after.

There's an Audio Technica cartridge in it at the minute. I think that's the original? There's a very small bit of the stylus left in the cartridge sticking out. Do I just pull this out and push in the new one?


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Jul 23, 2008
Congratulations on the purchase of your first turntable and welcome to the word of spending your time trawling round Record Fairs and Second Hand / Charity Shops :grin:

I cant comment on the replacement cartridge / stylus as I dont know the Sansui TT and there may be people more knowledgeable in that area.

However if you are just replacing the stylus rather than the whole cartridge......usually the cartridge consists of two parts - the main body (which attaches to the turntable arm) and then a second section which contains the stylus. usually the stylus section just pulls away from the main body and you then replace it with the replacement stylus section.

As far as I am aware you just dont pull out the stylus on it own.....these are very delicate and touching the stylus tip itself can result in damage.

I hope that makes sense?? :grin:

Also if the turntable was in a bit of a mess it might be worthwhile getting it checked out just to be on the safe side....and also double checking the setup of the tone arm / tracking etc.


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Oct 29, 2008
Hi harveymt

Nice turntable!!

Do you know what model cartridge is currently fitted? It may well be the 110E, but don't quote me on that! The model number on AT cartridges is usually printed on the top surface - so it will be hidden by the headshell! If you remove the 2 screws holding the cartridge to the headshell, you should find it.. I can't remember if the number is also on the stylus assembly - if you're thinking about removing it, see here for advice; (you'll need to set up an account).

If you're thinking of replacing the whole cartridge, rather than fitting a new stylus, I would suggest something like the Grado Elan or Elektra. You'll need advice on how to fit and set it up, but fear not, that can be found either here or on other websites (see above). If you have a local HiFi shop (I mean a proper one, not one of the chain electrical stores) they should be willing to give you all the help you need if you buy from them, perhaps even to the extent of fitting it for you.


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