My first ever amplifier failure

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On a further note regarding this amplifier it is no wonder it stuffed an Arcam Diva A80, the Roksan KA1 Mark3 and a Creek A50IR in a HiFi Choice group test.
As part of my retesting I tried the headphone socket and I must say I am very impressed.
Have not tried the phono section as I prefer to use my Tom Evans Groove 20th Anniversary for this.
I feel more importance was placed on things like headphones and phono sections back in the day perhaps more so than amplifiers of today that stick them in as an afterthought.
Kudos to Musicraft for bringing this amp to my attention and I would urge anyone looking to spend a couple of hundred quid or so on an amplifier to go seek out a well looked after one.
This is a 15 year old amp that can still give most modern amps within its price range (originally £595) a good kicking.....
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I have too put fuses in my old rotel from time to time. Never figured out why it needs them but only seems to happen after I move it. Glad to hear you go it fixed.
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