My Bargain £625 Brand New Cyrus 6 xp d


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Aug 10, 2019
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Well, I am just yesterday the proud owner of a Brand Spanking New Cyrus 6xp d Digital Amplifier for an unbelievable price of £625 :grin: (Originally £1250) from.............................

I thought that they had fallen off the back of a lorry! :rofl:...BUT...........

I understand that this and other Cyrus models have been reduced because Cyrus of course are now introducing a new range which as far as I can see will be almost the same as the current Cyrus XP Series Amplifiers.

Though of course the new range have had a price reduction.

Indeed, perhaps me being a cynic like, I wonder if perhaps the new range have possibly cheaper components inside to justify the various price reductions? Please put me right Cyrus if I am wrong!

Anyway...I am one very happy chappie having set my Cyrus up with my KEF Model One 2 Speakers with 4ohm input which go well clear and loud if needed. Once settled in things I guess can only get better.

I have found the digital input from my 50" Panasonic Plasma TV sounds just crystal clear and lovely. I am feeding my premium 320mpbs Spotify tracks into the Cyrus which sound the dogs plums.

The service was also very polite and helpfull from the Sales Person who helps me with my purchase Ian. :clap:

So, if you are in the market for a advice would be to go quick and grab a bargain as when the current XP Series are gone, they are gone! :cry:

By the way....this is coming from a guy who perhaps moans rather more about poor goods and services than handing out praise! ;)


Hi...well I will probably not go any higher than -30db (About a third up the scale) and no problems yet.

Do you have any particular reason for giving that obviously very good advice ?


I now see that the 6 cxp d are no longer on sale......BUT.....

They do have the Cyrus 6XP for £475 and the Cyrus 8XP for £675 which are 'off the back of a lorry' prices.

If you are in the market for a Cyrus amp....get in quick!

They do also sell the rest of the Cyrus range at competative prices.


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