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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi guys

how you doin?

I'm completely revamping my audio visual setup at home and could do with some advice.

I've just got the following speaker setup at a bargain price and am delighted:

Front: Monopulse 32A

Centre: Monopulse 32C

Rear: Monopulse 62A

I'm also planning to get a ps3 to use as an HD player for the time being.

I was thinking of choosing between the following receivers:

Onkyo YX-SR875

Cambridge Audio 640R

Arcam AVR350

Marantz SR7001 or 8001 (is it worth the diff?)

Cd player will be purchased in the near future but I was thinking along the price range of the cyrus cd6 or the roksan kandy mkiii.

I do need a musical amp as I won't be using a separate for music and I am a music lover over film lover. I have also heard that my speakers can be quite bright, does anyone know which of the above amps and a suggestion for a cd player would fit nicely with my speakers? Anyone else got experience with the monopulse range?

I do realise I will need a listen for myself but advice would be much appreciated. I listen to a wide range of music right across the board from folk and classical to rock, techno and hip-hop.

I will prob go for an infocus in76 or in78, what's the difference in ability and is the spec sacrifice of the arcam worth it in the long term for musical ability?

Heaps of questions there, especially for an a/v newbie and my first post.

Be gentle!



I should add that i'm likely to spend a lot of the time playing music at relatively low levels rather than earth shattering!


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