Musical Fidelity X-PSU to power DAC Magic 100?

Sep 25, 2014
The answer to this could well be a resounding "No. Don't be such a fool".

I have nil knowledge regarding power supplies and volts and stuff but I have recently managed to get a Musical Fidelity X-PSU to power my X-LPS and X-10D. These are the original cylindrical models so I know there is no problem there with compatibility. My query regards using this PSU to power a Cambridge Audio DAC Magic 100. I have seen somewhere that this is possible but I'm not sure if they only meant the original DAC Magic and not the later 100 version.

These are the details which might be helpful:

MF X-PSU Outputs 4 @ 12V AC 20VA

MF X-Ponents Power requirement 12V AC 500mA

DAC Magic Input +12V DC 2A

I'm quite sure this will mean something to many of you so if you'd like to share that knowledge I would be most grateful.


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Sep 3, 2010
Hi Simon,

Firstly welcome to the forums. *smile*

Secondly, I am also not an expert on power supplies etc, but I think that if you try to put an AC output into a DC input then something will go bang, either your X-PSU or the DAC Magic or both.

Therefore I would stick to using your X-PSU for your MF equipment and continue to use the power supply that came with your DAC Magic.

Hope this helps.



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Jun 2, 2008
Hopefully the fact that the MF PSUs are AC and the DacMagic PSU is DC should tell you more about their compatibilty than something you "have seen somewhere".

I really can't imagine why you'd want to use a PSU from one item to power another but I suspect you are going to try it anyway. Stand well back, wear goggles and rubber gloves when you do!